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Crunchy and delicious snacks, like chips, made from nourishing egg whites, nourishing foods, high in protein. It only feels like cheating™.

Two reasons: 1st, ‘yummy’ was already taken. 2nd, you get 10 grams of protein with just 110 calories.

Your body needs protein. Everybody needs it — but especially growing kids, people who lead active lives with regular exercise, and conscious eaters who avoid meat.
A: Egg whites make a great idea for a snack because they’re high in protein and low in all the stuff you don’t want in your diet: Zero cholesterol. And next to no sugar or carbs! It gets better. Egg whites are:
  • An excellent and balance source of the essential amino acids that your needs but doesn’t produce
  • Highly digestible unlike so many other snacks
  • High in leucine for muscle strength and recovery
  • Rich in thiamine riboflavin, B12 and B6, which help convert food into energy
  • A great source of folate which promotes cell repair.

Daily Protein Requirements by Age
School-age children 19-34 grams
Teenage girls and adult women about 46 grams
Teenage boys up to 52 grams
Adult men about 56 grams
Pregnant or breastfeeding women about 71 grams
A: According to AuthorityNutrition.com, the average women needs only about 2,000 calories a day to maintain her weight and the average man, just 2,500. But it depends on your age and if you’re sedentary it’s much lower. Talk to your doctor for your specific case, especially if you’re considering a weight loss diet or high protein diet plan. The necessary daily dose of protein also varies for kids of all ages and energy levels. Learn more from WebMD. Or just enjoy an occasional X-110® snack with 110 calories that satisfy your hunger longer with 10 grams of protein.
You’re busy, so our quick and easy snacks are pre-portioned for your convenience. Packing a lunch box for your kids, or healthy snacks you can take to work or on the road? X-110 is portable, dry and travels anywhere easily. It also helps you maintain portion control. Each bag’s just 110 calories but because you get 10 grams of protein, you feel more satisfied longer. A win-win!
Absolutely! People who do CrossFit, with its emphasis on muscle building, strengthening and conditioning, often choose a high protein diet plan, following Paleo Diet recommendations. Quick infusions of protein before and after workouts are key to building muscle mass. X-110® healthy snacks make it easy to bring protein to the gym with no preparation required. Just pack and go.
Definitely! When you choose a vegetarian life, it gets challenging to find enough protein in plant-based foods. A quick and easy option like X-110® healthy snacks, with 10 grams of high quality protein per package, is a convenient supplement and helps keep you healthy and energetic throughout the day.
Foods high in protein help manage cravings better than anything else. X-110® make healthy snack ideas to help keep you on track. These crunchy boosts of protein make a healthy substitute for junk like potato chips or popcorn. So you’re less likely to cheat on your weight loss diet. You feel fuller longer, making it easier to last to your next meal without slipping.
X-110® protein snacks are brought to you by the Saskatchewan Egg Producers. SEP is a humane organization that represents registered and regulated egg farmers in the province of Saskatchewan. In 2015, SEP farmers were responsible for over one million hens laying over 27 million eggs. We make sure these laying hens receive quality care in a clean and safe environment, plus that our farmers get fair returns, and consumers get fresh, local, high-quality eggs. Learn more about SEP.
A: X-110® protein snacks are the result of eggstensive research and development work for the egg industry from the Eggheads at the Saskatchewan Food Development Centre at the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon. The Saskatchewan Egg Producers have been a big supporter and investor in this R&D work for years, exploring a variety of options for the use of eggs and egg proteins in different food products. X-110® crunchy, easy snacks are one of the most exciting inventions from this research, resulting in a high quality, tasty new use for natural egg whites. Our Eggheads are proud that this kind of innovative diversification promises a long and healthy future for regulated egg producers in Saskatchewan. Learn more about SEP.
A: Click on the 4 delicious flavours for a list of all the nutrients in Nutrition News.