X-110 Protein Snacks X-110 Protein Snacks

Healthy Snack Ideas

with Quick Blasts of Protein!

A protein-packed part of your lunch!

Satisfy your hunger and sacrifice the guilt. Reach for X-110® next time you want zesty snack foods high in protein. Then? Slow down—enjoy. Savour each tasty crunch. Just 110 calories mixed with 10 grams of protein means you’re satisfied longer with less.

Pre-portioned perfectly for busy people. Loved by everyone.


A small package that packs a powerful protein punch! X-110® contains 10 satisfying grams of protein, more than a regular-sized egg, but just 110 calories. They’re portable, dry, quick and easy snacks that travel anywhere. These compact healthy snacks are perfect for your kid’s lunch box or for you to take to work.

A great protein boost after a workout
No trans fats. Just 10 grams of protein in a satisfying crunch.

Quick blasts of high protein foods before and after workouts are key to building muscle mass. X-110® snacks make it easy to bring foods high in protein to the gym with no preparation required. They’re compact healthy snack foods with no preparation required.

A high protein diet plan helps you manage cravings better than anything else. Stay on track with your weight loss goals. X-110® make quick and easy snacks, tasty and crunchy substitutes for potato chips or popcorn. You feel fuller longer. So it’s easier to wait out your next meal without slipping.  

Protein helps kids to concentrate
Better concentration and moods. A steady intake of calories through the day means your brain and body function better.